Read the following information about membership before submitting your application:

If you were an ARMTA member in the past, click here to re-join.


All active members of The Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association are automatic members of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA). A portion of the annual ARMTA Provincial membership fee is designated as the CFMTA annual membership fee. One benefit of CFMTA membership is $5,000,000 liability insurance coverage. Visit for further information on CFMTA.

All members of ARMTA Provincial are strongly encouraged to join a local branch in order to share in and benefit from the activities and opportunities available to members and their students through the local branch. Visit our local branch listings for further information.

The entry point to membership is at the Provincial level:

Successful applicants will be placed in one of the following categories:

1. FULL membership

One of the following qualifications is required:

a)  a music degree (e.g. Bachelor of Music or higher) from a recognized post-secondary institution. A B.A. or B.Ed. in Music degree or equivalent is typically not sufficient on its own unless additional advanced study can be documented.
b)  an Associate or Licentiate Diploma from a recognized institution
c)  an established and highly-regarded reputation as a successful music teacher or performer as determined by the ARMTA Board of Examiners
d)  employment in a teaching capacity in the Music Department of a recognized College or University

2. AFFILIATE membership

Affiliate Grade 10: Completed Grade 10 Practical exam with co-requisite theory or equivalent
Affiliate Grade 9: Completed Grade 9 Practical exam with co-requisite theory or equivalent

Please note:

  • The minimum age for ARMTA membership is 18 years.
  • Applicants must provide a current Criminal Record Check (may be obtained at any division of the RCMP or 
from your local Police Force). You must upload photos/scans or mail hard copies of your Criminal Record Check at the time of registration.
  • Applicants must indicate specialized and advanced-level training in at least one practical SOLO 
discipline (instrumental or voice) or in THEORY (e.g. harmony, history, composition, pedagogy).
  • Affiliate Members may NOT use the designation “Registered Music Teacher” nor the abbreviation RMT.

Required Supporting Documentation:

If documents are in a language other than English or French, a notarized translation must be provided. For educational transcripts, it is also recommended that the services of organizations such as International Academic Credential Evaluators Inc., Foreign Academic Credential Services Inc., or the International Qualifications Assessment Service be utilized.

You must upload photos/scans or mail hard copies of your supporting documents. Digital copies are acceptable.

  • Associate or Licentiate (or equivalent) in Teaching
  • Associate or Licentiate (or equivalent) in Performance
  • University/College Degree in music. If your degree does not state your major instrument or area of study, please also include a copy of your transcript.
  • Grade 9 Certificate or equivalent (if applying for Affiliate Grade 9 membership)
  • Grade 10 Certificate or equivalent (if applying for Affiliate Grade 10 membership)
  • Pedagogy certification (other than that included in Associate Teacher’s Diploma)
  • Other form of music certification not listed above


Reinstatement:  If you have previously been a member of ARMTA, you do not to provide any further documentation except that ARMTA must have a copy of a police records check from within the past five years. Instead of the $25 application fee, there is a $50 reinstatement fee.

Transfers:  If you are currently a member of another Canadian Registered Music Teachers’ Association, you can have your membership transferred by requesting that your provincial administrator send ARMTA a copy of the Interprovincial Transfer Form. No further supporting documentation is required.


1. $25.00 non-refundable application fee

2. $140.00 full year annual provincial membership fee, April 1 – March 31
$100 after October 1: use discount code: halfyear

Provincial ARMTA members join and support a local branch so that they can become informed about local events, enter students in competitions, and take advantage of scholarship opportunities. Choose the branch that is closest to you.

Local Branches (branch fee in brackets):

  • Calgary ($65)
  • Edmonton ($65)
  • Grande Prairie (Free)
  • Lethbridge (Free first year, $35 afterwards)
  • Medicine Hat (Free)
  • Red Deer $25


This Code of Ethics is a statement of the general principles governing the professional behavior and conduct of members of the association in their relations with one another. It is to be applied in particular circumstances and cases, as the conscience of the individual members shall dictate, having due regard for any current usage or practice of ARMTA or its branches. Professional conduct that is not, in good faith, consistent with such principles or that willfully departs there from is unethical.

ARMTA promotes:

  1. high musical and academic qualifications among its member teachers
  2. progressive ideas on the teaching of music
  3. workshops and lectures for the continuing education of teachers
  4. attendance at Provincial/Territorial and National Conventions
  5. participation in cultural events throughout the community
  6. awareness of Canadian contemporary music
  7. formal tuition contracts between the teacher and the student

The Code of Ethics expresses our commitment to:

  1. the profession
  2. the student
  3. the community
  • The teaching of music is primarily a cultural activity, yet all business matters should be handled in a professional manner.
  • Music shall be taught with the object of improving its prestige as an art form and enhancing the status of music in the community.
  • The art of music teaching shall be regarded as a continual process of self-education and improvement to develop professional excellence and improve standards.
  • Students shall be treated with consideration and patience.
  • Fair and honorable business practices shall at all times be observed in dealing with students, their parents and other members of the association.
  • Members of the association may fairly compete with one another, but misrepresentation of one’s own or disparagement of another member’s professional standing or personal qualities is unethical conduct.
  • A fair and reasonable period of continuous instruction shall warrant a member’s claiming a student.
  • On undertaking to give instruction to a student who has formerly received instruction from another teacher, a member should be satisfied that the student has formally discontinued instruction with the former teacher.