Community Service Award


To encourage students to take their music out into the community.


Any student studying music with a member of the Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association.

Benefits to the Student and the Community:

  1. Gives students credit for taking their music into the community.
  2. Encourages a practical use of the student’s musical education.
  3. Takes the student out of the private music studio and home and into the community.
  4. Gives the student a greater awareness of how their music can be used throughout their lives.
  5. Gives students a goal to strive for regardless of their musical capabilities.
  6. Provides entertainment for those who are in institutions.
  7. Provides festivals with needed volunteers.

Volunteering Suggestions:

  1. Playing music at senior citizen centers, care homes, hospitals, or for shut-ins.
  2. Taking a senior citizen or persons with limited mobility to a concert.
  3. Helping with music programs at church.
  4. Helping with extracurricular music programs at school.
  5. Assisting a music therapist.
  6. Accompanying choirs, singers, string, winds or brass players.
  7. Helping at music festivals.
  8. Volunteering at concerts with such activities as helping with programs, staging, or lighting.

Awards Level:

SILVER CERTIFICATE: 35 hours (25 more than Bronze)
GOLD CERTIFICATE: 60 hours (25 more than Silver)

Teachers, please send completed forms by one of the following methods:

By using the file uploader below. (Recommended)
By email to: Marlaine Osgood
By mail to: 410 Walker Road NW, Edmonton AB T5T 2X2

Deadlines for submissions are January 31 and June 30.

   Community Service Award Application Form

You can submit your completed form online using the file uploader below:

  1. Scan or take a photo of your form & then save it to your computer or phone/tablet.
  2. Click the “select file” button below to attach your file. Max 10MB per file.
  3. Click “upload file”
Upload file

Certificates will be issued once a year by March 1 and mailed to individual teachers.

Thank you to BCRMTA and Victoria Branch for providing the framework for this program!